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Top 5 Styles of Tiles for Modern Bathroom Renovation in 2018

2018 is finally here at your doors, and you must have already made a lot of plans in your mind as a part of your house renovation. However, the key to success is knowledge and therefore, we aim to tell you about something quite important in the recent context.

Now, everyone knows that choosing tiles for your house, especially for the bathroom is not an easy task. This blog is meant for making your work easier than you thought. In the case you wish to include a contemporary touch to your bathroom décor with the help of the best Melbourne tiling experts, you must follow the trends of bathroom tiling in 2018.

Go through the following to learn about some of the most popular bathroom tiling trends that will make your investment for renovation a successful one.

Subway tiles are the new Hero!

It’s cheap, and it’s trendy – it is undoubtedly the story of subway tiles this year. Most of the people discard the subway tiles as ‘not so brilliant’ ones for its simple style. However, when going minimalistic regarding design and style is one of the main mottos this year, subway tiles are going to the new beacon of hope! It will probably come out of the traditional shell and with clever arrangements of the newly designed subway tiles, you can make an impression.

Subway Tiles

Matte Tiles for the Busy Bathrooms

Well, you had undoubtedly faced the situation in your early phase when you had gone through a lot to clean the watermarks on the glossy tiles. Notably, in the cases of busy bathrooms, the trouble is much dominant than you think. There is a solution to this in this year. As the matte finished, tiles have entered the limelight replacing the shiny and glossy bathroom tiles, your work of cleaning the watermarks in almost half done.

Geometric Tiles are a visual treat!

If creating a dramatic appeal in your bathroom is all you have been planning for, geometric tiles should be your best friend this year. These particular tiles have certainly replaced the traditional rectangular tiles where the arrangement options were limited. However, with differently shaped geometric tiles, you can enjoy a lot of possibilities of arrangement and even create a feature wall as the centre of attraction for your bathroom.

Geometric Tiles

Mix the wood looking tiles with the stone planks

When experimentation is the key to success, you should not leave a single stone unturned. Talking about the stone, you can use the stone planks in your bathroom with the wood-looking porcelain tiles during your upcoming bathroom renovations in Melbourne for bringing in the organic touch in your bathroom. The grained wood tiles are also the newest choice of both the renovators and the users. The natural appeal of the stone planks goes perfectly well with the wooden style, making your bathroom look exceptional.

Stone Planks

How about a metallic feature wall!

Well, you can do so many things with the metallic toned tiles in the New Year that cannot be limited. Those tiles look gorgeous in the bathroom, especially when contrasted against a modern yet subtle bath in the front. In 2018, you should focus on creating a splashback in your bathroom with these fantastic tiles.

Metallic Feature Wall


Shape, material, colour and finishing – these are always the four key points to consider while choosing bathroom tiles. Remember to call the best installers in town to make sure the expensive tiles you buy this year are perfectly arranged to create the appeal you were aiming for.

Swimming Pool Tiling – Choosing Between DIY and Professionals

Tiles have always been a preferable trend in swimming pools. The glassy surface makes the pool surface all shimmering and radiating by reflecting the light. Plus, if you don’t like one design, you can always move over to the next one as options galore in plenty. However, much like everything, even tiles need repair after a particular time. And when that time comes, that all-important question pops up. ‘Should I DIY or Hire Pros of Swimming Pool Renovations in Melbourne?’ Probably the onus will be more for the latter, just because they have the tools and the expertise to do it more resoundingly.

They Will Properly Evaluate the Pool Structure:

Probably they will do it better than you. The inspection will involve whether there are any existence of contaminants and also if the surface is flat or not.

Swimming Pool Renovations

You may not know this, but these experts certainly know that waterproofing before tiling is very important, and for that, they will install a secondary or cracked isolation membrane over the first layer just underneath the tile. The purpose of doing so will be to prevent water leakages into the mortar bed and other issues such as moisture expansion and saturation.

Their Meticulous Installation Methods:

These professionals will always abide the correct landscaping norms and still keep in mind that the colour tile goes well with the look of your home and exterior backdrop. When installing the tiles, these experts will always give you options including natural stone, porcelain, ceramic or even mosaic glass tiles to choose from.

Remember one thing, it may be your house, but when it comes to knowing which option goes well for your resale value, you should always trust these experts. To top it all, they will also give you some suggestions, in case you are not able to make up your mind.

Experience of Having Done In Numerous Times:

Another excellent reason to hire swimming pool pros is that of the knowledge they have. They are people who do this for a living, and so it is evident that they will have all the necessary tools for the task.

They will always make use of quality cement products and adhesive to cover up the whole area. This is again done keeping in mind longevity of your pool and leakage prevention.

They also have some exclusive techniques to make sure the tiles don’t come off and make it a point to prevent seepage via effective grouting.

There are some crystal clear reasons why you must have a professional for your pool tiling requirements. The pleasant news is that numerous top-notch agencies that provide both pools as well as bathroom renovations in Melbourne. So, find the reliable and recognised ones and speaking to their experts personally.

Make a shortlist and draw a comparison based on their offered price quote and also the time they will take to complete the entire task. Then make your decision accordingly.

Going With Pros Does Give You The Scope To Get The Maximum Value For Your Pool Renovation Investment.

Here’s the Most Comprehensive Swimming Pool Trends of 2017

There is no denying the fact that swimming pools can significantly add to the aesthetic value of a property. It doesn’t matter whether you have a mansion or a small house, the presence of a pool can uplift the whole surrounding to a great extent. Precisely for this reason, more and more homeowners these days are making provisions in their house for a swimming pool if enough space is available. Needless to say, there are several components that make up a swimming pool and out of all these components; attractive swimming pool tiling in Melbourne is probably the most important of all.

Change in the swimming pool architecture

What eventually was introduced as a training means for athletes, especially swimmers, has rapidly evolved over the years. Now it’s considered as a luxury for many. Today, having a swimming pool is a clear sign of status for the homeowner.

But if you think that you’ll just dig up a square and fill it with water and call it a pool, you are gravely mistaken. For swimming pools to be visually appealing and serve you the way you want, there are several aspects that you have to consider.

Swimming Pool Renovations

Swimming pools are now a commodity these days and the state of the art innovation that we have access to; it takes an effort for people not to notice your pools in awe. Today, builders are putting in serious efforts to make swimming pools the primary focus of any property. For instance, if you visit the website of any renowned resort or hotel, you will always see more pictures of the pool than the rooms. And those aren’t just your ordinary pools; most of them are infinity pools equipped with LED lighting.

Every year, swimming pool trends change. Some year its glass tiles that are in trend, some year it’s fibreglass pools. It’s 2017, and if you are planning on installing a swimming pool in your house, you need to be aware of these trends if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Rectangle, square and other shaped pools

Although swimming pools of a rectangular and square shape aren’t a modern concept by any means, it certainly has made a comeback and for the right reasons. For instance, if you are an athlete and plan to practice swimming at home, opting for a long, rectangular pool would be the best option. In such pools, you will easily be able to take laps.

Swimming Pool Tiling Melbourne

Saltwater pools

Now we all know that the water in the swimming pools has chlorine in them, right? But did you know that there is another purification method these days that’s becoming a rage? Probably not! For people who have the financial clout, opting for a saltwater pool is the most obvious option. It’s not just because it’s great for the eyes and skin but also the fact that they don’t contain as much chlorine.

Integrated systems for cooling and heating

Gone are the days when your swimming pool was practically unused half the time of the year. These days, modern pools come equipped with heating and cooling systems. This means that during the scorching heat of the summer, you can switch on the cooling unit and significantly drop the temperature of the pool. Similarly, you can do the exactly the opposite during the winters.

Out of all these trends, one can’t possibly deny that tiling in Melbourne constitutes one of the most pleasing and vital components of pools. Such is the demand for tiles; you won’t find any shortage of options as far as designs, patterns, material and price is concerned.

So what are the recent trends in pool tiles?

If you want to go for the tried and tested option, porcelain tiles are the best choice. It’s not just because they are quite smooth, but also the fact that you can install and clean them without any hassle. Having said that, it does have its drawbacks. Unlike its counterparts, they can’t withstand heavy pressure.

Pool Tiling Melbourne

If classic feel is what you are all about, go for brick tiles. Probably the only drawback is that they are quite prone to water damages. Precisely for this reason, you will have to incur the cost of re-sealing them every few years.

If you want depth in your pool, going for glass tiles is a perfect choice. Yes, installing these tiles does take time, but with the right professionals, it’ll be a cakewalk.

If you want to mix several designs and colours in your pool and cost is not a factor for you, going for mosaic tiles would be the best choice.

If you are looking to install a swimming pool in your house, this post will prove to immensely valuable to you. Take your time in selecting the right kind of pool considering the fact that it’ll be a significant investment for you.