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Leak Repairs

Detecting Leaks & Repairs in Melbourne

We at HQ Tiling Group understand why repairing a leaking roof, shower or balcony is so important to you. Whenever you have a leak in your roof, shower or balcony, caused either by adverse weather conditions or by any other reason, the problems that you and your family members might face can often turn out to be a source of distress and depression to the fullest extent. Our experienced repair executives do all in their power to fix your leaking roof, shower or balcony as efficiently as possible.


When your roof, balcony or shower leaks and you leave it unattended for an extended period, the damage can be catastrophic. The water damage caused to your furniture and carpet can cost you a lot more than what you were trying to save on your roof, shower or balcony repairing endeavour. The risk and damage could even be greater if the leak damages your electrical appliances or the wiring in the walls, which can cause a short-circuit or an electrical fire. So there is no point in waiting around for an accident to happen. You must make sure that all leaks in your roof, shower or balcony are attended to as fast and as soon as possible. Our expert leak repairs in Melbourne services are available for you 24×7 to attend to your leak repairing needs.


It is common sense that only an expert should work on your roof, shower or balcony to identify and fix the leak as efficiently as possible. The expert dealing with leak repairs in Melbourne will also make sure that the leak does not resurface once again after a few days. Our team at HQ Tiling Group have an ample amount of experience when it comes to smooth and efficient repair of leaks in the roof, shower or balcony. Take a look at all that we will do for you:

  • When you give our customer service department a call, we book a suitable time to visit your place – a time that is suitable for both you and us, and does not interfere with your daily schedule or work. Our expert CCEs will help you with tips and suggestions to reduce the level of water damage till our experienced repair executives arrive at your doorstep.
  • We do not believe in profiteering. That is why we will provide you with a clear and concise price quotation without any sort of extra and unjustifiable fees or charges. Our experts follow a fixed price rule for all kinds of roof, shower or balcony repair jobs, which allows us to quote the price to you without even checking how much damage has been caused. We also provide special discounts for senior citizens.
  • Once the price quote and the service contract have been agreed upon, our team of experts will start working on your roof, shower or balcony to fix the leak as best as they can. The leak might be complex in nature or might be in an extremely difficult place – whatever the situation might be, our experts will do what is necessary to help you out.

So give us a call today and benefit from our expert roof, shower or balcony leak repairing services.