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Our Recent Works

A Quick Glance at our Recent Projects

Perfectly Tiled Gym Spa at Melbourne

The tiling at the gym spa in Melbourne was done for local council at Cheltenham, Victoria. Tiling at the Male spa was done by HQ Tiling Group. Amid the site being commercial and being short of time three other tilers were chosen to tile the Female spa. After few days of tiling, HQ Tiling Group was called to repair the job at the female spa as it wasn’t done to high quality standards and the tiles kept falling and the grout lines were big as you can see in the first photo. We re tiled the whole spa and you can see the result in the second photo .We pride in ourselves to finish our job with high quality and clean outcome. For your tiling job whether its Bathroom tiling, bathroom renovations, swimming pool tiling, swimming pool renovations or spa tiling or verandah tiling we can do the same.

A Flawlessly Repaired Balcony from Our End

The following repair at the balcony was done by HQ Tiling Group. I was called to advice on repairing the balcony tiling after numerous wrong advices given to the customer. The balcony had been already repaired three times before us. It was sealed, re-grouted and re-tiled by other tilers, however it had leaked over and over again. So we stepped in to give the customer the right advice. We were proud to have a happy customer. We gave our details to the customer to guarantee their jobs, however we were called again after two years not to repair the balcony but to repair their leaking showers. We will guarantee your job no matter if it’s one tile to replace or thousands of square metres of tiling.

Impeccable Bisazza Italian Tiled Swimming Pool

The following swimming pool was tiled by Bisazza Italian tiles, the most expensive swimming tiles in market. It was grouted with Fill Gel Plus Epoxy Grout that costed the owner thousands of dollars just for the materials so they had to choose the right tiler to finish their costly project. HQ tiling group did not only finish the job with high quality standards but also had a satisfied customer in their list of clientele.

Tiled Verandah for an Appealing Look

Stuart was an honourable army member, who had serviced our country in Afghanistan for the past decade. He built his dream home but had run out of budget. He wanted to lay Travertine stones for his verandah. However he didn’t have enough stones. To make his dream come true, HQ Tiling Group drew a pattern for him so he could finish his project happily. We tiled the verandah for him with our agreed patterns and he was happy he had travertine stones at his vernadah with no extra costs.

Verandah with tessellated tiles and slates

We tiled, Evelyne’s daughter’s verandah with tessellated tiles and slates. After 2 years we were called to tile the verandah which she and her husband planned before her husband had passed away so she wanted the right tiler to tile her verandah the way her husband wanted. As Evelyne had witnessed our job at her daughter’s verandah she decided to call HQ Tiling Group to tile her verandah. We tiled her Verandah that she wanted and had a satisfied and happy customer.