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Swimming Pool Tiling

Repair and Installation for Swimming Pool Tiles

The presence of a swimming pool in a particular premise not just adds to the aesthetics of the area but also adding value to the property. A beautifully tiled and decorated swimming pool can grab eyeballs when compared to single water bodies that are lined with concrete.
When it comes to preparing a designated pit to accommodate a swimming pool, there is the need to waterproof it well to prevent leakage and water loss from the pool and that is when tiling comes to aid. Tiles are beautifully crafted slabs that adorn itself on the floor as well as the walls of the swimming pool that make swimming easy as well as prevents water loss and seepage that is somehow prevalent with pools that aren’t lined with tiles.

The Skills and Expertise with Pool Tiling

When it comes to swimming pool tiling in Melbourne, we at HQ Tiling Group understand the worth for a beautiful looking swimming pool. We are a team consisting of the experts in the industry who own relevant skills and expertise when it comes to ensuring best results. Whether it is a new pool that you intend to set up or need repair and renovation for an existing pool, we do it all with equal ease and expertise. Our tiling process consists of:

  • An inspection of the area
  • Having a discussion with our client on the type of tiles to be installed
  • Helping out with an estimated date of completion

The Installation Process

While we own the right expertise, the work that we do isn’t anything sub-standard that is often the result when there is an amateur or a handyman coming over to help you lay the tiles. While we know what can be the best aid for your pool, we also offer help with choosing the tiles for you and accordingly help you with suggestions such as:

  • We follow the right landscaping rules and ensure that the tile colour should match the way your house looks or probably coloured from the outside.
  • We choose glossy and well-polished tiles that add to the glamour of the swimming pool and not keep it looking bland. This is known to add to the resale value of the house.
  • You get to choose from tiles made up of natural stone, porcelain, glass or ceramic as all of them are perfect for swimming pools.
  • The tiles that we install are not just for the pool but also for its lining while making it look attractive to the eye.

How We Work

When the day is decided upon to start the swimming pool tiling process, we come over with our team who stays equipped with the right tools and equipment that would ensure the tiles have better longevity. Here is what we do to ensure long-lasting swimming pool tiles.

  • The use of high-quality cement and adhesive to provide complete coverage
  • Each corner of the pool is covered evenly to prevent leakage
  • There is the use of expert techniques to ensure the better longevity of the tiles which wouldn’t come off easily.
  • There is effective grouting done to prevent seepage

Tile Repairing and Renovation

Apart from laying new tiles, we also help you with repairing and swimming pool renovations in Melbourne which may also include replacing broken or worn off tiles. Repairing or replacing pool tiles isn’t any cakewalk as people may think it to be. It requires precision and the right technique to prevent damage to other tiles that are in good condition. The process starts from inspecting the particular area that needs to be paid attention to, the type of tiles that would be put to use, the time to be taken for the repair and replacement and finally handed over to you in the best condition while making your pool look just as new.