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Are you planning to build a new house or renovating it? If so, flooring is definitely going to be one of the most confusing decisions you ever make. More often than not, we all look at the beauty of the floor while taking such decisions. After the visual appeal comes all the secondary aspects like installation cost, durability, the cost of purchase and maintenance.
A few years ago, options were limited and back then, carpets and wooden floors dominated the market. But times have changed, and these days, tiles are gradually taking over. With global temperatures soaring with each passing year and humidity levels rising, there’s no shadow of a doubt that tiles provide certain utilities which other flooring don’t. The fact is that the demand for tiles is soaring high and this has paved the way for expanding the scope of tiling in Melbourne. These days, you can choose from marble tiles, trainer tiles, granite tiles, rubber tiles, ceramic tiles to several others.
Here at HQ Tiling Group, we have been specialising in tiling renovations, repairs and restorations for floors, walls and bathrooms for several years now. But it’s not the residential sectors that we cater to. Our tiling services are stretched across swimming pool painting, masonry construction, rendering and renovations.

Types of tiles

Predominantly, there are two kinds of tiles available in the market –ceramic and porcelain. While ceramic is generally cheaper than its porcelain counterparts, they aren’t as strong. Although lower-end ceramic tiles can be protected by a sealer, they are generally not recommended for outdoor applications.

When it comes to high-end porcelain tiles, they have certain qualities like being chlorine or salt water safe along with being an excellent stain resistant. These days, you will find several options when it comes to the perfect mix of porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Whether its bathrooms or kitchens, ceramic tiles are quite capable of adding a touch of sophistication to the area in addition to being very easy to maintain. Due to this ease of maintenance, these tiles are the preferred choice for people who don’t want drips, splashes and spills to happen in this area.

Stone – Natural stone tiles definitely have a great look and they include marble, limestone, travertine, marble and much more. Although they are more durable than terracotta, they are generally expensive.

Terracotta – This is undoubtedly the cheapest option in ceramic tiles, it is porous in nature. This means that, not only will they stain, but they are also prone to cracking and chipping. You should refrain from using this kind of ceramic tiles on outdoors.

Porcelain Tiles

Due to the fact that porcelain is denser than ceramic, they are less porous than its counterparts. This makes the tile impervious to moisture and a good choice for placing them in areas where there is a lot of moisture, especially in bathrooms.

Glazed – Although it quite resembles terracotta, they are much more durable. This look is acquired by applying ceramic over the foundation of the tiles.

Glazed through-body – Probably one of the drawbacks of glazed porcelain tiles is that the surface has the same degree of weaknesses as traditional ceramic tiles. This means that it’s quite prone to chipping.

Double charged – This kind of porcelain tile is quite popular because although it looks like a natural stone like granite or marble but showcases optimum strength like porcelain tiles.

Considering there are so many tiling options available, why should you go with tiles? Well, that’s easy! The qualities which tiles have are unparalleled as compared to other flooring choices.


Although tiles are known for giving houses a modern finish, it also comes with a lot of benefits; one of the most important ones being versatility. When it comes to tiles, the options are almost limitless as they are available in many colours, textures, sizes and designs.

Dirt Resistant

Compared to other flooring choices, tiles don’t retain residues or dust. You can easily clean with your household cleaners, and what’s more, they don’t need to be polished to maintain their finish.

Stain Resistant

How much the tiles are resistant to stains mostly depends on its capacity to resist moisture. For instance, most glazed tiles are resistant to stains, and you can clean them easily.


Tiles are extremely durable as compared to other flooring options. Materials like granite tiles are heavy duty items which mean that they will stay intact for years without losing their shine and colour.

Colour Permanence

As colour is fired into the clay body of the tile, there is no chance of fading. Even if they are exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun for a considerable time, their colour remains permanent.


Neither do tile surfaces absorb odours, fumes or smoke, nor do they retain allergens or antigens. This makes tiles perfect for environments where hygiene is absolutely essential.
So if you are looking to get experts for tiling in Melbourne, give us a call, and we will help you in any which way we can.